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New Guidelines to keep everyone safe

NOTE: We’ll be back on 12th April 2021!

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At Massage 2 Mummy client welfare, superb hygiene practices and safety awareness have always been 2nd nature.

Dealing almost exclusively with pregnant women has meant that we have always kept a strong focus on health and well-being and this has included a conscious effort to ensure our therapists maintain the highest possible standards of hygiene awareness.

That said, during these unprecedented times it is important that everyone looks to go above and beyond in this regard and Massage 2 Mummy is no exception.

To that end, following the government advice that we can begin offering our amazing service once again from 12th April 2021 we have put in place the following guidelines so as to not only ensure compliance with regulations but to absolutely ensure that our valuable clients and therapists are protected from harm.

Booking Your Appointment

Before booking your appointment we would ask that you ask yourself the following important screening questions:

Have you or any member of your household or associated support bubble been asked to self-isolate or are you or any member of your household required to shield yourself as a person extremely clinically vulnerable to the virus?

Have you or any member of your household or associated support bubble had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

Do you or any member of your household or associated support bubble have a high temperature?

Have you or any member of your household or associated support bubble noticed a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

Have you or any member of your household or associated support bubble experienced any other symptoms related to the Covid-19 virus or have any other reason to believe you may have the virus.

If the answer to any of these questions is “YES” we would ask that you not book an appointment at this time.

Before Your Appointment

Between booking your appointment and the appointment itself we would ask that you again consider the above screening questions. If at any point the answer is “YES” to any of these questions we would ask that you contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your appointment.

Preparing For Your Appointment

In order to help everyone stay safe there are a couple of things you can do before your therapist arrives which we would really appreciate:

Please ensure the number of people in the property other than yourself is kept to a minimum. We appreciate it isn’t always possible to have an empty house (especially at the moment) but if there are to be other people in the property it would be great if they could remain separated from the space in which your treatment is taking place and through which your therapist will be travelling when they arrive.

If possible and if required clear an area within which the therapist can unpack their massage bed and around which they are able to work.

Provide 2 freshly cleaned towels for use as part of your treatment.

Open any internal doors that the therapist will be required to walk through to the treatment area so as to avoid their contact with door handles.

If possible and absolutely subject to your own personal comfort, open the windows in the treatment area to provide additional ventilation.

Take a shower shortly before treatment. This is great for preparing your muscles for the treatment anyway!

You will now need to wear a face covering throughout.

Your Therapist

Your therapist will be observing certain additional guidelines with regards to your treatment.

First and foremost the same screening questions asked of you will also be asked of your therapist. If they answer “YES” to any of these questions they will not be allowed to attend your appointment and you will be immediately contacted to either arrange another therapist or reschedule.

Every therapist will be required to carry with them at all times disinfectant spray or wipes, hand sanitiser, a bag in which to dispose of any used items a Type II face mask and a full head covering visor. They will also have clear guidelines for the regular use of these items.

The head visor and face mask will be worn from the moment they arrive at your property until after they’ve left.

They have clear instructions in place for regularly cleaning their hands, clothes and equipment and for ensuring no equipment is shared or handled by any other individual but themselves.

The therapist has clear guidelines in place to ensure they do their utmost to mitigate all risks while inside your property.

They will endeavour to travel to your property alone and only in their own transport for which they also have clear hygiene guidelines.

After The Appointment

The therapist will take away everything they brought with them including all disposable items leaving no “footprint” whatsoever.

We recommend you shower immediately after the appointment.

In the event that you do experience any symptoms associated with the virus within 14 days of your treatment or test positive for the virus we ask that you contact a member of our team at the earliest opportunity to ensure we can protect other clients.

In the event that the therapist who treated you experiences any symptoms associated with the virus within 14 days of your treatment they will be asked to have themselves tested. In the event that they test positive for the virus we will immediately contact you to advise.

This guide is subject to change as per government advice however we are confident that our robust systems and the ongoing commitment of our amazing therapist to providing the safest and best treatment they can mean that all of our clients can enjoy our treatment worry free for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your continued support

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